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Ugly ducklings on my side
Another friend of which to sympathize
Tulip graces tucked inside
Unlike the shoddy feathers set before my eyes

Weather hidden or on show
Somehow slowly feelings grow
And the seeds you thought were sour
Sweeten, soften and then flower
Hands are reaching for the light
Clutching confidences tight
Waiting for your finest hour

Feathered faces they don't know
Just how cruel that northern wind can blow
In the quiet stream of youth
You can't tell how fast the giant river flows

Then one day she will emerge
Discovered passion now diverge
Sunlight radiantly sings
With the first beating of her wings
Paparazzi stare inside
The gathered crowds will now divide
The doorman watching her with pride
As she makes her way inside
Full of grace she climbs the stairs
Strange how everyone now cares
Awoken debutante astounds
Heads are turning all around
Could this really be the first time
Those eyes have melted hearts?

And the feeling grows amid the swelling sound
Electricity somehow seems to ricochet around
Excited cheers from all her peers
The triumph of those hungry years
Spread across her smile


This Fateful Place

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