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A cathode ray light frames her existence
A light in the ether, a sound in the silence
Like a solitary standing stone
She sits there alone

She dreamt of the night that he left her
The pain of her sobbing, the depth of her grief
Still silently loving her
And never far away

He reached out his arms in the blackness
She was sure that a cold hand was touching her cheek
So hard to begin all the letting go
When you've never felt so weak

Killing cliché spits he's in a better place
This telephone suffocates her last remaining grace
So little comfort in the widening of space
Force-fed reminders, pulling, pushing in her face

And the fear now swells this awakening hell
And shrouds her everything
Bathed in blue from the cathode tube
Absorbing everything

She can barely hear softened voices near
Oblivious to everything
Bathed in blue from the cathode tube
Absorbing everything

Revolving minutes mangled moments in her head
Crushing, bleaching, blurring, bleeds the triplight red
To catch the phrase that's damning, hanging by a thread
Repeating out those ringing final words he said

And somewhere softly spoken voices
Slowly soaking through
The gaudy awkward predictable words
If there's anything I can do?


This Fateful Place

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